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Seasonal Yard Art

Christmas Teddy Bear


This loveable teddy bear will be a welcome addition to your outdoor decorations this year. With his FREE custom Christmas hat, and friendly smile, he's sure to bring joy into the hearts of young and old alike. Hand painted on 1/2" stock, you'll get years of enjoyment with him, season after season! Approx 3' tall

Easter Bunny


A 4 ft. tall Easter Bunny with a basket of eggs! Coming soon!

Wooden Slotted Reindeer


Easy to put up, and break down to lay flat for easy storage. These all weather yard ornaments are sturdy enough to withstand a strong gust of wind, but light enough that you can pick them up and arrange them with ease. Each one is custom made, hand sanded and cut to fit exactly. Sealed with a 20 year outdoor paint, they are sure to last many years to come. Full size, the buck is over 6' tall, with his antlers. Sold as a pair.

Small Snowflakes


Handmade, hand painted snowflake approximately 7" at it's tallest point. Painted white, with our 20 YR outdoor paint gives it the versatility to go with any arrangement, indoor or out.

Medium Snowflakes



Large Snowflakes


Three feet across, these are Big!

Texas Size Snowflake


This has got to be the biggest, baddest snowflake commercially available. Over 6 1/2 feet of sparkling snowflake to make all your neighbors envious.
Outdoor Woodworking

Truck Mailbox Covers


These fit over a standard U.S. mailbox, and can be easily screwed on to your current ( or new) mailbox post. The trucks bed can easily hold plants, flowers, or holiday decorations of your choice. Ask about our custom options

Tractor Mailbox Covers


Coming soon! Pre-Order Now! 

Semi Mailbox Covers


Coming soon! Pre-Order Now! 

Hand Painted Signs


Made from reclaimed pallets, each slat is approximately 20-24" long, accommodating 14-18 letters comfortably. Can be made shorter to fit, but very rarely do I come across any that are longer. Your choice of background colors: white, black, teal, red, orange, or bare wood. Same choices for the letters, with the addition of: gold, silver & metallic color shift. Price listed is per slat
Indoor Woodworking

Reclaimed Barn Wood Key Holder


At 1 1/2" thick, and 14" long, these key shaped key holders are hefty. Cut and sanded by hand, the natural beauty of the wood really stands out. So smooth to the touch, you'll think they were coated with something, but that's just the natural feel of the wood, no paint, no dyes, no chemicals. Comes with hardware on back to hang horizontally or vertically.

Inner Hearts Candle Holders, pair


This pair of candle holders make the perfect gift for that couple on your list. As unique and new as they are, they won't break the bank when, I mean if, things go south. Made from one solid block of wood each, sanded by hand until perfectly smooth, with the perfect amount of wood stain, they are made with the utmost care and attention to detail that gives them the potential to last for a lifetime.

Goat's Milk Body Bar 2oz


This bar soap is perfectly balanced with lavender and vanilla. The goat's milk will hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and supple, without the residue some of the other, mass produced soaps leave.

Glycerin Facial Bar 2oz


Very lightly scented and using only the purest, natural dyes, this glycerin soap is perfect for every day face and hand use.

Hunters Soap 4oz


Nothing's worse than having a prize buck in your crosshairs and having the wind change, and he gets a whiff of that box store soap you used this morning. This soap provides a great lather, and smells like the pine tree you've got that deer stand in. Gets ya clean, too!

Liquid Laundry Soap 1/2 gal


Don't let the light, clean, fresh scent of this homemade laundry detergent fool you. It's got some serious cleaning power to it, but without all the heavy, skin-irritating chemicals in it. Works in HE models, too! 1/2 gal size is enough for approximately 16 full loads.
Handicraft Items

Clothespin Cross


A unique handmade item, stained with a deep, warm stain. Approximately 15" tall and 11" wide. Each one is made to order and can easily be customized.

Mini - Clothespin Cross


With a lighter stain than our full size cross, these minis are approximately 7.5"x5"

Sunburst Mirror


A 4.5" mirror sits inside individually placed slats of wood that have been painted gold. 13" at it's tallest point, it's versatile enough to go almost anywhere.

Seasonal Mason Jar Scented Candles


Tired of the same old plain, boring candles? Well, we've got those too, but we also have some exciting choices like leather, or how about filling your house with the smell of pecan pie with one of our candles in a jar? Or perhaps you would like to try our bacon scented candle? Who doesn't love bacon? With a long burn time (over three days!) and an excellent scent throw, you'll enjoy every minute with these candles.

Vertical / Horizontal Mason Jar Planter


Three feet long, these mason jar planters can be hung either horizontally or vertically to add to your barn wood decor, either indoors or out.

Hand Braided Rag Rugs


Area rag rugs that were painstakingly braided, stitched, and woven by hand to present you with just the area rug you were looking for. Custom pieces available. Include preferred color(s) at check-out.